screenshots / The Emerald Forest / 1985 Embassy Films Associates

A father (Powers Boothe) discovers that his son (Charley Boorman), who disappeared into the Brazilian rainforest 10 years ago, is living with the Amazon tribe who adopted him as one of their own.

Perhaps best known for Deliverance (1972), director John Boorman's previous credits include 1974's Zardoz and 1968's Hell in the Pacific. His son Charley Boorman would becomed a noted motorbike enthusiast who has taken riders on motorcycle trips across Africa from Cape Town to Victoria Falls.

The production filmed on location Brazil, including the waterfalls at Itatiaia National Park, Rio de Janeiro and the Araguaia River, which flows north-northeast for 1632 miles. The film is thought to be based on the uncredited "true story" of a Peruvian man whose young son disappeared into the jungles of Brazil and (when years later found as an adult) decided to stay with his adoptive tribe.

In 2016 Charley Boorman broke both his legs after a accident in Portugal due to avoiding a car that pulled in front of him while he was test riding a motorbike.

Powers Boothe passed in 2017 at the age of 68.