screenshots / Tarzan and the Valley of Gold / 1966 American International Pictures

Ex-NFL linebacker Mike Henry's 007-like Tarzan swaps his business suit for a loincloth so as to better navigate the wilds of Mexico in pursuit of the film's villian, who is intent on stealing an Incan treasure. Offered troops and weapons for his mission Tarzan asks for only a knife, some rope, and a piece of soft leather and is accompanied by a chimp, cheeta and lion. Manuel Padilla, Jr. makes his first appearance in a Tarzan production as Ramel and would co-star as Pepe in Henry's next film Tarzan and the Great River and as Jai in Ron Ely's Tarzan television series. Nancy Kovak replaced actress Sharon Tate in the role of Sophia. Filming locations included the Teotihaucan ruins and the caves at Guerrero in Mexico.