screenshots / 1313: Hercules Unbound / 2012 Rapid Heart Pictures

Starring Geoff Ward (Hercules), Priyom Haider (Pronax), Lance Leonhardt (Abderus), Tyler P. Scott (Thestor), Brendan Lamb (Capaneous) and Brett Zimmerman (Dolon).

Providing the voice of Zeus is Lou Ferrigno Jr., the son of bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno who starred as Hercules (the son of Zeus) in two films: Hercules (1983) and The Adventures of Hercules (1985).

Directed by David DeCoteau whose previous films include Beach Babes 2: Cave Girl Island (1995) and 1313: Billy the Kid (2012).

Filmed at a private estate on Latigo Canyon Road, Malibu, California.