screenshots / Deathstalker II: Duel of the Titans / 1987 New Horizon Picture Corporation

Deathstalker (John Terlesky) is on a mission to save a kingdom from an evil sorcerer in this tongue-in-cheek sequel to 1983's Deathstalker.

Like the first film, the cast and crew also filmed on location in Argentina.

Director Jim Wynorski's other films include The Lost Empire (1984) and Sorceress (1995).

Actor John Terlesky's other appearances include the 1985 TV-movie Consenting Adult starring Marlo Thomas. In 1986 he reunited with director Jim Wynorski for the horror film Chopping Mall.

Jim Wynorski is credited with the story for Think Big (1989) which starred the Barbarian Brothers, Peter and David Paul.

Wynorski was also orginally intended to direct 1991's Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time (he is still credited with co-writing the screenplay) starring Marc Singer.