screenshots / Jason and the Argonauts / 1963 Columbia Pictures

With exterior filming locations in Italy, the working title of this Ray Harryhausen classic was Jason and the Golden Fleece.

The film was directed by Don Chaffey who later helmed Hammer Films prehistoric epics One Million Years B.C. (1966) and Creatures the World Forgot (1971).

Star Todd Armstrong (Jason) would later be cast in the German 1966 western Winnetou and Old Firehand (aka: Thunder at the Border).

Actress Nancy Kovak (Medea) would go on to co-star with Mike Henry in 1966's Tarzan and the Valley of Gold.

The voices of both Todd Armstrong and Nancy Kovak were dubbed in the finished film.

Special effects creator Ray Harryhausen was honored with the Academy Award for Technical Achievement in 1992 at a special ceremony hosted by actor Tom Hanks who remarked: "Some people say Casablanca or Citizen Kane. I say Jason and the Argonauts is the greatest film ever made".

Todd Armstrong passed in 1992 at the age of 55.