Chapter One: "The New Adventures of Tarzan"

Chapter Two: "Crossed Trails"

Chapter Three: "Devil's Noose"

Chapter Four: "River Perils"

Chapter Five: "Unseen Hands"

Chapter Six: "Fatal Fangs"

Chapter Seven: "Flaming Waters"

Chapter Eight: "Angry Gods"

Chapter Nine: "Doom's Brink"

Chapter Ten: "Secret Signals"

Chapter Eleven: "Death's Fireworks"

Chapter Twelve: "Operator 17"

The New Adventures of Tarzan / 1935 Burroughs-Tarzan Enterprises Inc.

Herman Brix (aka Bruce Bennett) won a silver medal as a shot-putter at the 1928 Olympics before being chosen to play Tarzan in this 12 chapter serial partly filmed in the jungles of Guatemala.

Brix had previously been offered the role of Tarzan for MGM but a shoulder injury suffered during the filming of the 1931 film Touchdown caused him to be replaced by Johnny Weissmuller

Finding himself typecast as Tarzan, Herman Brix changed his name to Bruce Bennett and continued to act in films. During World War II he served in the United States Navy.

Bruce Bennett passed in 2007 at the age of 100.