screenshots / Beneath the Planet of the Apes / 1970 APJAC Productions

The first sequel to 1970's The Planet of the Apes tells of another astronaut, Brent (James Franciscus), learning of the fate that awaits Earth's future.

The production used redressed sets from the 1969 musical Hello Dolly for the mutants council chamber and the temple of the bomb.

Filming locations included Red Rock Canyon State Park (Cantil) and Malibu Creek State Park (Calabasas), California.

Charlton Heston returned as Taylor only after the film's producers agreed that his character would be killed off.

Also returning from the first film was Kim Hunter (Zira), Maurice Evans (Dr. Zaius) and Linda Harrision (Nova).

Roddy McDowall did not return in the role of Cornelius as he was in Scotland directing the folk horror film Tam-Lin, but would star in the next three apes films and the 1974 television series.

Cast as one of the telepathic humans, actor Don Pedro Colley appeared as Morumba in The World's Greatest Athlete (1973).

James Franciscus passed in 1991 at the age of 57.

Don Pedro Colley passed in 2017 at the age of 79.