screenshots / The Mountain of the Cannibal God (aka: Slave of the Cannibal God) / 1978 Dania Film

Original title: La montagna del dio cannibale (The Mountain of the Cannibal God). Alternative titles include: Slave of the Cannibal God, Prisoner of the Cannibal God and Primitive Desires.

Star Ursula Andress other film's include She (1965) and Clash of the Titans (1981).

Actor Claudio Cassinelli would later appear as Zeus in Hercules (1983) and The Adventures of Hercules (1985) starring Lou Ferrigno.

Director Sergio Martino would go on to make The Great Alligator (1979) and Island of the Fishmen (1979).

Filming locations include the country of Malaysia in Southeast Asia and the Royal Botanical Gardens in the Central Province of Sri Lanka.

The film was banned in the U.K. until 2001 due to it's graphic violence and scenes of animal cruelty.