screenshots / The Mountain Men / 1980 Polyc International BV

Western adventure starring Charlton Heston (The Planet of the Apes) and Brian Keith (The Deadly Companions).

Wyoming filming locations include the Bridger-Teton and Shoshone National Forests along with the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

Actor Cal Bellini (Cross Otter) previous roles include Younger Bear in Little Big Man (1970) and as Red Eagle in the S1.E3 episode (The Salt Licks) of the Young Dan'l Boone television series in 1977.

Cast as a Crow Brave, stuntman Terry Leonard's other films include The Return of a Man Called Horse (1976), The Norseman (1978), Conan the Barbarian (1982) and Farewell to the King (1989).

Stuntman Steve Chambers (appearing as a Blackfoot Brave) would later work on George of the Jungle (1997).