screenshots / Samson and the 7 Miracles of the World (aka: Maciste at the Court of the Great Khan) / 1961 Unidis Jolly Film SRL.

Former Tarzan actor Gordon Scott stars as Maciste (renamed "Samson" for the U.S. version) in this classic sword-and-sandal adventure, his second peplum film, the first being Goliath and the Vampires (1961).

Other peplum films from the director, Riccardo Freda, include The Giants of Thessaly (1960) and The Witch's Curse (1962).

Actor Dante DiPaolo (Bayan) other film appearances include Atlas Against the Cyclops (1961) and Mars, God of War (1962)

The production reused the lavish sets (and a cast of Asian extras) from Marco Polo, an adventure film starring Rory Calhoun that was releasd in 1962.

Filming locations included the Pastena Caves in the province of Frosinone, Lazio, Italy.