(The episodes listed below are linked to an image gallery.)

Season One

Episode 1: "Eyes of the Lion"

Episode 2: "The Ultimate Weapon"

Episode 3: "Leopard on the Loose"

Episode 4: "A Life for a Life"

Episode 5: "The Prisoner"

Episode 6: "The Three Faces of Death"

Episode 7: "The Prodigal Puma"

Episode 8: "The Deadly Silence - Part I"

Episode 9: "The Deadly Silence - Part II"

Episode 10: "The Figurehead"

Episode 11: "Village of Fire"

Episode 12: "The Day of the Golden Lion"

Episode 13: "Pearls of Tanga"

Episode 14: "End of the River"

Episode 15: "The Ultimate Duel"

Episode 16: "The Fire People"

Episode 17: "Track of the Dinosaur"

Episode 18: "The Day the Earth Trembled"

Episode 19: "Cap'n Jai"

Episode 20: "A Pride of Assassins"

Episode 21: "The Golden Runaway"

Episode 22: "Basil of the Bulge"

Episode 23: "Mask of Rona"

Episode 24: "To Steal the Rising Sun"

Episode 25: "Jungle Dragnet"

Episode 26: "The Perils of Charity Jones - Part I"

Episode 27: "The Perils of Charity Jones - Part II"

Episode 28: "The Circus"

Episode 29: "The Ultimatum"

Episode 30: "Algie B for Brave"

Episode 31: "Man Killer"

Season Two

Episode 32: "Tiger, Tiger"

Episode 33: "Voice of the Elephant"

Episode 34: "Thief Catcher"

Episode 35: "The Blue Stone of Heaven - Part I"

Episode 36: "The Blue Stone of Heaven - Part II"

Episode 37: "Muguma Curse"

Episode 38: "The Fanatics"

Episode 39: "Last of the Supermen"

Episode 40: "Hotel Hurricane"

Episode 41: "The Pride of a Lioness"

Episode 42: "Mountains of the Moon - Part 1"

Episode 43: "Mountains of the Moon - Part 2"

Episode 44: "Jai's Amnesia"

Episode 45: "Creeping Giants"

Episode 46: "The Professional"

Episode 47: "The Convert"

Episode 48: "The King of the Dwasari"

Episode 49: "A Gun for Jai"

Episode 50: "Trek to Terror"

Episode 51: "End of a Challenge"

Episode 52: "Jungle Ransom"

Episode 53: "Four O'Clock Army - Part I"

Episode 54: "Four O'Clock Army - Part II"

Episode 55: "Rendezvous for Revenge"

Episode 56: "Alex the Great"

Episode 57: "Trina"