screenshots / Tarzan and the Trappers / 1958 Sol Lesser Productions

Tarzan must rescue Tartu and Cheeta after they are taken hostage and caged by hunters who are trapping jungle animals for profit. Then Tarzan is captured by treasure hunters who intend to plunder the riches of the lost city of Zarbo.

Filmed in 1958 as a 3 episode pilot for an unsold television series, it was later edited into a feature film and eventually shown on TV in 1966.

Reprising their roles from 1958's Tarzan's Fight for Life, the proposed TV series starred Gordon Scott as Tarzan, Eve Brent as Jane and Rickie Sorensen as the boy Tartu.

Filming took place at the Iverson Ranch, Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California.

Actress Eve Brent would later make an uncredited appearance in Coogan's Bluff (1968). She also had roles in The White Buffalo (1977) and Going Berserk (1983).

The cast included actor Leslie Bradley who appeared as The Symbol Maker in Teenage Cave Man (1958).

Film and television actor Scatman Crothers (billed as Sherman Crothers) appeared as Tayna, a native friend of Tarzan. (Scatman Crothers passed in 1986 at the age of 76.)

Television credits for Rickie Sorensen include appearances on The Danny Thomas Show (S7.E23) in 1960 and Hazel (S1.E27) in 1962 -in which a reference to the character of Tarzan is made.

In 1963 Rickie Sorensen provided the voice of Wart in the Walt Disney animated classic The Sword in the Stone.

Rickie Sorensen passed in 1994 at the age of 47.