(The episodes listed below are linked to an image gallery.)

Season One

Episode 1: "Tarzan and the Poisoned Waters"

Episode 2: "Tarzan and the Silent Child"

Episode 3: "Tarzan Tames the Bronx"

Episode 4: "Tarzan and the Picture of Death"

Episode 5: "Tarzan and the Unwelcomed Guest"

Episode 6: "Tarzan and the Caves of Darkness"

Episode 7: "Tarzan and the Woman of Steel"

Episode 8: "Tarzan and the River of Doom"

Episode 9: "Tarzan and the Killer Lion"

Episode 10: "Tarzan's Christmas"

Episode 11: "Tarzan and the Orphan"

Episode 12: "Tarzan and the Mystic Cavern"

Episode 13: "Tarzan and the Pirate Treasure"

Episode 14: "Tarzan and the Sacred Cave"

Episode 15: "Tarzan and the Killer's Revenge"

Episode 16: "Tarzan's Journey into Danger"

Episode 17: "Tarzan and the Extra-terrestrials"

Episode 18: "Tarzan the Hunted"

Episode 19: "Tarzan and the Enemy Within"

Episode 20: "Tarzan's Eleventh Hour"

Episode 21: "Tarzan and the Deadly Gift"

Episode 22: "Tarzan and the Savage Storm"

Episode 23: "Tarzan and the Golden Egg"

Episode 24: "Tarzan and the Test of Friendship"

Episode 25: "Tarzan and the Eye of the Hurricane"

Season Two

Episode 1: "Tarzan and the Polluted River"

Episode 2: "Tarzan and the Mutant Creature"

Episode 3: "Tarzan and the Wayward Balloon"

Episode 4: "Tarzan and the Missile of Doom"

Episode 5: "Tarzan and the Primitive Urge"

Episode 6: "Tarzan and the Broken Promise"

Episode 7: "Tarzan and the Amazon Women"

Episode 8: "Tarzan and the Lion Girl"

Episode 9: "Tarzan and the Forbidden Jewels"

Episode 10: "Tarzan and the Fire Field"

Episode 11: "Tarzan Meets Jane"

Episode 12: "Tarzan and the Mysterious Fog"

Episode 13: "Tarzan and the Karate Warriors"

Episode 14: "Tarzan and the Law of the Jungle"

Episode 15: "Tarzan and the Shaft of Death"

Episode 16: "Tarzan and the Runways"

Episode 17: "Tarzan and the Fugitive's Revenge"

Episode 18: "Tarzan and the Movie Star"

Episode 19: "Tarzan and the Toxic Terror"

Episode 20: "Tarzan and the Earthly Challenge"

Episode 21: "Tarzan and the Deadly Delusions"

Episode 22: "Tarzan and the Mysterious Sheik"

Episode 23: "Tarzan and the Fountain of Youth"

Episode 24: "Tarzan and the Dangerous Journey"

Episode 25: "Tarzan Rescues the Songbird"

Season Three

Episode 1: "Tarzan and the Deadly Cargo"

Episode 2: "Tarzan's Hollywood Adventure"

Episode 3: "Tarzan and the Witness for the Prosecution"

Episode 4: "Tarzan and the Odd Couple"

Episode 5: "Tarzan and the Death Spiders"

Episode 6: "Tarzan and the Fear of Blindness"

Episode 7: "Tarzan and the Pirate's Revenge"

Episode 8: "Tarzan and the Ring of Romance"

Episode 9: "Tarzan and the Stone Man"

Episode 10: "Tarzan and the Gift of Life"

Episode 11: "Tarzan and the Jewel of Justice"

Episode 12: "Tarzan and the Night Horrors"

Episode 13: "Tarzan and the Russian Invasion"

Episode 14: "Tarzan and the Rock Star"

Episode 15: "Tarzan and the New Commissioner"

Episode 16: "Tarzan and the Mating Season"