screenshots / Wonderful Life / 1964 Ivy Production Ltd.

Starring British pop star Cliff Richard, the movie was released as Swingers' Paradise in the United States.

A segment of this musical comedy spoofs classic films (including the Tarzan movies) and briefly features Hank Marvin, a member of the instrumental rock group The Shadows, wearing a loincloth.

The "desert" scenes were filmed on the Maspalomas sand dunes on Gran Canaria island in the Canary Islands, which also also served as a filming location for the 1970 Hammer Films prehistoric epic When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth.

Singer Cliff Richard would later himself wear a loincloth during an appearance (photo bottom left) on the British program Val Parnellís Saturday Spectacular which ran from 1956-61, and during a studio performance of the Leslie Bricusse song If I Could Talk to the Animals (photo bottom right) from the 1967 film Dr. Dolittle.