screenshots / White Apache / 1986 Beatrice Films and Multivideo

In this Italian and Spanish co-production a pregnant woman survives an attack on a group of settlers by outlaws and is rescued by Indians. She dies giving birth but the tribe's chief adopts the male child, giving him the name Shining Sky and raising him as a brother to his own son, Black Wolf. As they grow into warriors the two brothers both become interested in a Indian maiden named Rising Sun. After an unfortunate accident, Shining Sky is is cast out of the tribe and hired by a rancher who is sympathetic to the Indians. However, in a nearby town is a man known as "The Colonel" who is plotting the extermination of the Indians in the name of progress. The film stars Sebastian Harrison as Shining Sky and Ignacio Carreno as Black Wolf.

Sebastian Harrison is the son of muscular actor Richard Harrison, known for his leading roles in sword and sandal films of the sixties, including The Invincible Gladiator and Medusa Against the Son of Hercules.

The western was also released under the titles of Bianco Apache and as Apache Kid.