Update 02/05/14: Adam and Eve versus the Cannibals / The Naked Jungle / Brother Sun, Sister Moon / Rambo: First Blood Part II / Beastmaster: Prize / Beastmaster: Tiger Tiger / Beastmaster: Slayer's Return / Beastmaster: Destiny / Tarzan: The Fanatics / Tarzan: Last of The Supermen / Sign of the Beaver

Update 01/22/14: Beastmaster: Rage / Bird of Paradise (1951) / Zan, King of the Jungle / Tarzan Istanbulda / Last of the Comanches / Apache Drums / Beastmaster: Ghosts of the Forest / Beastmaster: White Tiger / Beastmaster: Xinca / Tarzan: Thief Catcher / Tarzan: Blue Stone of Heaven - Part I / Tarzan: Blue Stone of Heaven - Part II / Tarzan: Muguma Curse / Octopussy

Update 01/01/14: Tarzan: Tiger, Tiger / Tarzan: Voice of the Elephant / Squanto: A Warrior's Tale / The Searchers

Update 12/01/13: The Norseman / Adventures of Tarzan (1985 Hindi) / Ben Hur (2010) / Kimbar of the Jungle / The Phantom (1996) / Killer Leopard (Bomba) / Lord of the Jungle (Bomba) / The Barbarians

Update 11/22/13: Review: 'The Man Known Only as Tarzan': The Death-Struggles of the Ape-Man and the Quest for the Neo-Jane

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