"The outfit is casual, but practical." - Mike Henry, Tarzan and the Valley of Gold

Additions 01/01/17: Tarzan the Lost Tribe (1935)

Additions 12/30/16: Tarzan and the Poisoned Waters (1991) / Tarzan and the Silent Child (1991) / Tarzan Tames the Bronx (1991) / Tarzan and the Picture of Death (1991)

Additions 09/18/16: Eagle's Wing (1979) / Death Curse of Tartu (1967) / Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999) / Beastmaster: "Heart Like a Lion" / Beastmaster: "Gone"

Ironmaster released on Blu-ray

Directed by Umberto Lenzi and starring Sam Pasco and George Eastman, this 1983 Italian stone-age epic (filmed at Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota) hurls you back to the dawn of human history. From a new 2016 HD master and with extensive color correction, it's now available in a Limited Edition Blu-ray from Code Red.

Loincloth fans can order this must-have film from Ronin Flix at a reasonable price.

Hammer's Prehistoric Classics Come To Blu-ray

Two of Britian's Hammer Films prehistoric sagas make their long-awaited debuts on Blu-ray. The first, ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. (1966) stars John Richardson and Raquel Welch in a fictional tale of cavemen and dinosaurs. It makes it's Blu-ray debut courtesy of Kino Lorber. Hammer's third "cavepeople" film, WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH (1970), stars Robin Hawdon, Victoria Vetri and briefer loincloths! It's released on Blu-ray via Warner Archive. Fans will want to pick up these two high definition discs.

Hopefully Hammer's second outing PREHISTORIC WOMEN (1967) and the fourth and final CREATURES THE WORLD FORGOT (1971) will see Blu-ray releases.

Wolf Larson's TARZAN series is now on DVD!

This 1990's syndicated TV series starred Wolf Larson as Tarzan and was filmed on location in the lush tropical jungles of Mexico.

All three seasons are now available on DVD. Click here for more information.

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